2BEAST is a duo group rapper in the genre of

R&B and HipHop from Kuala Lumpur, who signed under record lable MAP MUSIC MALAYSIA. This duo was established on 25 July 2020, it consists of 2 members named BigBoiGal (before was known as Yoji) and Parker. Before 2BEAST was created, they has started rapping since 2017. Their origin from an underground rap group called KONKRIT CITY KREW and MAKERVELLY / 35. SIDEASIA FAMILIA with their friends since 2016 until now. 2BEAST expecting his debut on 23rd October, 2020 with a single.


  • Hati Hitam 2.0 (2017)
  • Turn Up (2018)
  • Hidup Aku (2019)
  • I’m Now (2019)
  • Lu Jump !!! (2019)
  • Become (2019)
  • DeepRest (2020)
  • Lazy (2020)


We want listeners get into their perfect mood while being sad,happy,motivated,hyped when they here my song. Also i want too make listeners can feel and have a good time with my song because all this listeners were the one that can make me motivated for keeping me moving on harder to write lyrics and everything

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